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I believe that deep down I am a sharing person. I grew up in a family of eight, so there was lots of sharing going around our house, everything from food, sickness, and toys. Fast forward to the other night, my husband woke up in the middle of the night and took a pillow from under my head, I turned and started to sleepily mumble at him my complaints, when he told me that I was being selfish that I had all four pillows…. ok, I did. An as I lay there I tried to think of the reasons I wasn’t selfish. Ummm potty talk again, I have not been to the bathroom alone without a toddler asking me if they can flush for me in about…. Three years. I have been sharing my food with someone for years, and as I was searching my brain I thought of the list I told my husband when were dating…. The list I’m sure everyone has…right, the list of “No shares”.

I do not share my blanket, ever! Sure, when you’re cuddling to watch a movie, I’ll throw a corner, but when it comes to sleep, I never mess with that. The first few months of marriage, sleep was rough. I tossed and turned, struggled with the blanket. So after a while I started putting two blankets in the bed, and *gasp* we have slept that way ever since. No more fighting in my sleep! So, this lady does not share her blanket with anyone!!


French fries have been a lifetime favorite. When we were little and we got to choose our birthday meal (which is today, yay!) I usually chose just French fries and had to be coaxed into adding some substance to the meal. So, when my husband and I started to date I laid down the rules, and emphasized the no sharing French fries thing, but we hit a few bumps. The first one was when we pulled into a drive through and I ordered a side of fries, I asked my husband if he wanted a side. He passed, so I went on my French fry merry way, then he did the unthinkable, he reached his hand into the bag and took a handful of fries! I slammed on the brakes, whoa! “You said you didn’t want any fries” I very slowly and calmly told him (Ya, right)  “I thought we could share one” He so naively explained. No, no, I set down the law, I do not share French fries. Luckily we have all adapted (meaning they know I won’t share) and everyone is happy in their own French fry world……. Also the “bonus fry”, the one that is in the bottom of the take-out bag… also mine, take it and you will get slapped…. With love 🙂

I’m not the only one in this house that has a list of “no shares”. My husband has a love affair with Panettone (an Italian fruitcake thingy-ish) You can usually only find them around Christmas, My husband will take the cake and hide it (even though I don’t care for them, habit I guess) then each day her take a small slice until he has devoured the whole thing. One time we had guests over and I offered them a piece of our newly purchased cake, at first he gave me a pleading glance, that quickly turned to disgust, how could I offer someone something from the do not share list!?

            <—— Panettone

We discovered early on what our three year old won’t share, m&m’s. She has a love for m&m’s like no other, she learned to crawl after we placed m&m’s on the floor ET style (it also shows how old she was before she crawled!)  she said m&m before she said mom:(. So don’t expect love if you try to sneak an m&m, I seriously think she counts them before bed….. not kidding. But we can all see where she gets these tendencies from. Our newest additions “no share” is still undiscovered, but I’m sure around here it will come out…. Maybe avocado? What can you expect from a 10 month old?

Does anyone else live in a selfish family food/blanket hoarding family like mine?


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