Potty Language

Potty talk is something that is not really acceptable to talk about in public…. But we all do it! Our three year has been potty trained for almost a year! (yay!) With a small “relapse” when her baby sister was born. In that time period she wet the bed exactly nine times. Exactly nine of those times she has been sleeping in my bed…… I’m not sure what possesses her, but I think that she wakes up because she has to use the bathroom, but gets scared and comes into our room and falls back asleep. Then fast forward to a half an hour later, usually I wake up because I think I am sweating… like a lot! I roll over a few times, and then it dawns on me that I have been peed on, oh joy. Mind you it’s four in the morning so at first I kind of just roll over, she just peed a little right, I’ll just scoot a bit. Then I start to think about it, a towel, yes, I’ll put a towel between us. Five minutes later, I am fully awake and I realize that I have just been peed on! So I jump out of bed, and flip on the light. Now my husband finally turns and begins to wake (He has never had the blessing of the pee reaching him) the both of us hurry and try to grab the cleaner first so that we won’t have to be the one to bathe a cheerful three year old at four in the morning.

Our little one now knows that she holds all of the cards, who is going to call a three year old bluff on the need to use the potty? When we first started training, we became familiar with each store’s bathroom, fast. The second we walked through any sliding doors, she would squeeze my hand and say, “Oh oh, I need to use the potty.” After a few weeks of this I thought I knew when she was bluffing, so one day as we entered the store she pulled her regular potty crap (no pun intended), I turned to her and said that she needed to wait until we got home. We went and pulled a cart out and I looked behind me and saw “the look” if you don’t know what “the look” is, then ask your spouse what those extra charges are on the credit card…. that look. I see pee streaming out of her pants and on to the floor. Lesson learned, I grabbed her hand and told the cashier as we walked out that it looked like someone had an accident on the floor. I’m sooo sure she didn’t notice the trail of pee behind us. She now knows I will take her potty anytime anywhere…. Beside the side of the freeway, that was a onetime thing.  Now whenever we drive past that place she proudly informs anyone that will listen that that is where she got to go pee pee on the side of the road. Building memories people, that’s what it is all about.

Have you ever been peed on, or had to use the bathroom in a rather inconvenient place?


2 thoughts on “Potty Language

  1. Ariah had to pee on the side of the road in Wyoming… Kid you not in 3 seconds she had 30 mosquitoes on her butt. Landon is slapping while she is trying to pee. Poor kid had an itchy bum for a few days!

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