Little Miss Stuffy

I always find the grocery store to be an adventure; from the twitching drug addict cashier, to the cute little old people that ask your opinion on milk. Today was no different. As I moved through the grocery jungle with my little ones today, I had a simple list, milk, bread, and tomato paste (for a suuuuper yummy marinara sauce that simmered in the crockpot all day today), of course this simple list turned into a cart full, but that’s another story….. So there was a cheese sale!! If you didn’t know, here cheese is that magical ingredient that if added in large quantities to any meal it can turn even the must disgusting meal into something edible (not really, but this is a common belief apparently among house wives here in the Rockies 😀 ) So as I threw myself into the lions to grab some I noticed a stuffy looking woman ditch her cart in front of the refrigerator doors… I contemplated to, move or not to move, hmmm. She had headed down another isle leaving her cart. So I took the plunge, I moved it reached in and grabbed my cheese, quick like a cheetah. Then enters Little Miss Stuffy, “You don’t have the right to move my cart” blah blah ( I’m a wife, mother, sister, and daughter, I am super good at ignoring people) I excused myself and left to finish wasting my husbands paycheck with blah blah blah still going in the distance.  As I left the grocery store I saw her complaining to a cashier about some bratty woman shoving her cart. I resisted the urge to run forward and happily declare responsibility ( but I do have a life ). I literally have a strange experience every time I ever set foot in a store, restaurant, or school; my husband thinks I’m weird/obsessive for caring, my mom claims I attract strange incidences (such as a cashier coming around the till, opening, and giving my toddler a package of Oreos I had just purchased, out of the blue… weird).  But my sister usually texts me about strange encounters weekly, so I know I’m not alone! What are your stories? Has anyone ever come pushed your cart? 🙂


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