No Quiero Crappy Auto

My husband will be 30 in a couple of months. He has had a “real” job with benefits for over 3 years. We have two children and have been driving junker cars for a looong time. So we decided it was time to purchase a nicer car. We live in the rocky mountains which means lots of snow, so we knew that we wanted 4 wheel drive (it snows off and on from October to April here), for those that have children you know that a row scarcely fits two carseats let alone another adult or carseat, so we knew we wanted a 3rd row. We researched what our needs were, and price ranges and decided what we wanted. So early in June when we were on our nightly walk, we walked by a dealership that had the exact car we wanted for the exact price! We felt so lucky that we had found what we wanted. We talked took it for a test drive, got the car facts, had my dad come look it over, and secured a loan for the remaining balance. We had a first real care! We had now entered the world of adulthood.

Then after taking my little brothers for a ride around the block the check engine light came on….. really. We took it to our trusted mechanic who told us that the water pump and some blahblahblah belt need replaced…  sad day! But what he told us killed me, he said that this was an old issue and that someone Had pushed the reset button on the check engine light in the past 48 hours, total pit in my stomach! We had been duped :C  The next day we returned to the me no likey auto place and told him we wanted to return the car, shocker he said no, he told us that by purchasing a used car we knew it would have problems. That guy is on my top ten dislike list. Our mechanic said that he would sign a form testifying that someone tampered with the car and misrepresented the condition of the car so we could take him to court, but that’s not us, so we paid the $8oo repairs and learned an expensive life lesson… take ANY car you want to buy to a TRUSTED mechanic first.

Sooooo fast forward to November, we are driving to a friend’s house and just turn to get on the freeway and my check gauge light turns on, I glance down and see that the car is overheating. So against my husband’s wishes (who said to just keep going) we pulled over, turned off the car, and popped the hood. We called a friend who came and helped us out. I took it in again the next day and lo and behold, the same problem! Luckily it was under warranty, but I think it’s safe to say we have a lemon, no quiero Crappy Auto, and adulthood is highly overrated. My three year old tells everyone that we see, “This is not our new car, our new car is nicer and is in the shop” Haha, I guess she is also embarrassed of my high school ride, a 1998 ford Taurus. My husband suggested we sell the car and swollow the extra money we’ll loose, but the sad thing is, I’m to prideful! I LIKE driving a newer car. I like when my friends tell me they like my new car smell, the seat arrangements, or the third row. So I guess this means we’ll keep her ’till our pockets run dry. Does anyone else out there have a junker they just can’t let go?



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