Because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice……

At our house every week we seem to have an ongoing theme. This week it is, Because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice. We are really into “Man vs Wild” right now. In case you haven’t watched it, it is a survival show where hot.. I mean capable Bear Grylls fights the wild as he is dropped off in a  remote harsh area such as the amazon and has to get out alive.(check out him killing a rattlesnake in the link bellow) We were all gathered around watching Bear eat a snake, run from a Gator, and row across a raging river when we reminded little F that we always go in the water with mommy or daddy and wear a life jacket. A few minutes later I asked her who do we go in the water with and what do we wear? I go with my mommy and underwear because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice…. Um hon, that doesn’t answer my question. Repeat, Jesus doesn’t want us to hit out friends… ok, check she gets it. Note to self, we are never going swimming.

As our week progressed our theme became even more prevalent. As we stood in a never ending-only two cashier’s open- germ infested- college student plagued line at our local Wally Word , the cashier began to make a conversation with the two college aged Colorado city escapees (not really, but you get the picture) in front of us. Now first of all I have had some weird cahiers before. One cashier opened a package of Oreos I was buying and handed it to my daughter!!!…. weird. But this guy was not sending any creeper messages, he asked the girls if they were having a girlS night in because they were purchasing a bottle of sparkling cider, a pillow, and a chick flick. The girl promptly yelled that the cashier and told him it was none of his business and to hurry up. She was flat out rude, soooo what does little F do? She pipes in, Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice! The people in line behind me started laughing and the girls faces turned red as they glared and left. Thank you dear daughter for reminding us.



I have begun to feel proud of my little darling daughter and her sweet love and innocence. So when she began to fight with her little sister this morning over a piece of chocolate (that’s how we roll here) I asked her what she learned this week and reminded her that “Jesus loves us and wants us to??””  ….. Keep chocolate from our baby sisters so they don’t eat food that is bad for them, she says as she stuffs her mouth with the piece of chocolate. Lesson learned in our house this week! Just remember, Jesus loves you and wants you to be nice  🙂



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