Not Your Mothers Blog

I have been wanting to get into blogging for a long time. First I did a family blog, but after a few months I got behind and frankly a little bored. Not wanting to catch up or start over I decided to go in a new direction! Should I start a crafting blog??…. Unless people want tutorials on how to hot glue scout patches on, or staple your hem on your pants…. then no. Should I begin a cooking blog!? This already overweight chocolate loving, butter craving, all cheese consuming, bread hoarding, girl probably shouldn’t gain 50 lbs. This isn’t a personal blog, it’s hopefully a funny/interesting blurb in your life. I don’t have the best grammar  punctuation, or English in the world, so if that kind of thing gets under your skin, stop reading! I am not the best wife (ask my husband), mother (please don’t ask my kids), friend, or person so unless I am cleaning the bathroom with the door shut using ammonia and bleach (call 911), but please keep any rude or judgmental comments to yourself:). Not everything I write (but almost) is huge or life changing, so please read on, tell your friends, grab a kit kat at 2 am and welcome to the life of The Frazzled Frizz.


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