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I believe that deep down I am a sharing person. I grew up in a family of eight, so there was lots of sharing going around our house, everything from food, sickness, and toys. Fast forward to the other night, my husband woke up in the middle of the night and took a pillow from under my head, I turned and started to sleepily mumble at him my complaints, when he told me that I was being selfish that I had all four pillows…. ok, I did. An as I lay there I tried to think of the reasons I wasn’t selfish. Ummm potty talk again, I have not been to the bathroom alone without a toddler asking me if they can flush for me in about…. Three years. I have been sharing my food with someone for years, and as I was searching my brain I thought of the list I told my husband when were dating…. The list I’m sure everyone has…right, the list of “No shares”.

I do not share my blanket, ever! Sure, when you’re cuddling to watch a movie, I’ll throw a corner, but when it comes to sleep, I never mess with that. The first few months of marriage, sleep was rough. I tossed and turned, struggled with the blanket. So after a while I started putting two blankets in the bed, and *gasp* we have slept that way ever since. No more fighting in my sleep! So, this lady does not share her blanket with anyone!!


French fries have been a lifetime favorite. When we were little and we got to choose our birthday meal (which is today, yay!) I usually chose just French fries and had to be coaxed into adding some substance to the meal. So, when my husband and I started to date I laid down the rules, and emphasized the no sharing French fries thing, but we hit a few bumps. The first one was when we pulled into a drive through and I ordered a side of fries, I asked my husband if he wanted a side. He passed, so I went on my French fry merry way, then he did the unthinkable, he reached his hand into the bag and took a handful of fries! I slammed on the brakes, whoa! “You said you didn’t want any fries” I very slowly and calmly told him (Ya, right)  “I thought we could share one” He so naively explained. No, no, I set down the law, I do not share French fries. Luckily we have all adapted (meaning they know I won’t share) and everyone is happy in their own French fry world……. Also the “bonus fry”, the one that is in the bottom of the take-out bag… also mine, take it and you will get slapped…. With love 🙂

I’m not the only one in this house that has a list of “no shares”. My husband has a love affair with Panettone (an Italian fruitcake thingy-ish) You can usually only find them around Christmas, My husband will take the cake and hide it (even though I don’t care for them, habit I guess) then each day her take a small slice until he has devoured the whole thing. One time we had guests over and I offered them a piece of our newly purchased cake, at first he gave me a pleading glance, that quickly turned to disgust, how could I offer someone something from the do not share list!?

            <—— Panettone

We discovered early on what our three year old won’t share, m&m’s. She has a love for m&m’s like no other, she learned to crawl after we placed m&m’s on the floor ET style (it also shows how old she was before she crawled!)  she said m&m before she said mom:(. So don’t expect love if you try to sneak an m&m, I seriously think she counts them before bed….. not kidding. But we can all see where she gets these tendencies from. Our newest additions “no share” is still undiscovered, but I’m sure around here it will come out…. Maybe avocado? What can you expect from a 10 month old?

Does anyone else live in a selfish family food/blanket hoarding family like mine?


Potty Language

Potty talk is something that is not really acceptable to talk about in public…. But we all do it! Our three year has been potty trained for almost a year! (yay!) With a small “relapse” when her baby sister was born. In that time period she wet the bed exactly nine times. Exactly nine of those times she has been sleeping in my bed…… I’m not sure what possesses her, but I think that she wakes up because she has to use the bathroom, but gets scared and comes into our room and falls back asleep. Then fast forward to a half an hour later, usually I wake up because I think I am sweating… like a lot! I roll over a few times, and then it dawns on me that I have been peed on, oh joy. Mind you it’s four in the morning so at first I kind of just roll over, she just peed a little right, I’ll just scoot a bit. Then I start to think about it, a towel, yes, I’ll put a towel between us. Five minutes later, I am fully awake and I realize that I have just been peed on! So I jump out of bed, and flip on the light. Now my husband finally turns and begins to wake (He has never had the blessing of the pee reaching him) the both of us hurry and try to grab the cleaner first so that we won’t have to be the one to bathe a cheerful three year old at four in the morning.

Our little one now knows that she holds all of the cards, who is going to call a three year old bluff on the need to use the potty? When we first started training, we became familiar with each store’s bathroom, fast. The second we walked through any sliding doors, she would squeeze my hand and say, “Oh oh, I need to use the potty.” After a few weeks of this I thought I knew when she was bluffing, so one day as we entered the store she pulled her regular potty crap (no pun intended), I turned to her and said that she needed to wait until we got home. We went and pulled a cart out and I looked behind me and saw “the look” if you don’t know what “the look” is, then ask your spouse what those extra charges are on the credit card…. that look. I see pee streaming out of her pants and on to the floor. Lesson learned, I grabbed her hand and told the cashier as we walked out that it looked like someone had an accident on the floor. I’m sooo sure she didn’t notice the trail of pee behind us. She now knows I will take her potty anytime anywhere…. Beside the side of the freeway, that was a onetime thing.  Now whenever we drive past that place she proudly informs anyone that will listen that that is where she got to go pee pee on the side of the road. Building memories people, that’s what it is all about.

Have you ever been peed on, or had to use the bathroom in a rather inconvenient place?

Little Miss Stuffy

I always find the grocery store to be an adventure; from the twitching drug addict cashier, to the cute little old people that ask your opinion on milk. Today was no different. As I moved through the grocery jungle with my little ones today, I had a simple list, milk, bread, and tomato paste (for a suuuuper yummy marinara sauce that simmered in the crockpot all day today), of course this simple list turned into a cart full, but that’s another story….. So there was a cheese sale!! If you didn’t know, here cheese is that magical ingredient that if added in large quantities to any meal it can turn even the must disgusting meal into something edible (not really, but this is a common belief apparently among house wives here in the Rockies 😀 ) So as I threw myself into the lions to grab some I noticed a stuffy looking woman ditch her cart in front of the refrigerator doors… I contemplated to, move or not to move, hmmm. She had headed down another isle leaving her cart. So I took the plunge, I moved it reached in and grabbed my cheese, quick like a cheetah. Then enters Little Miss Stuffy, “You don’t have the right to move my cart” blah blah ( I’m a wife, mother, sister, and daughter, I am super good at ignoring people) I excused myself and left to finish wasting my husbands paycheck with blah blah blah still going in the distance.  As I left the grocery store I saw her complaining to a cashier about some bratty woman shoving her cart. I resisted the urge to run forward and happily declare responsibility ( but I do have a life ). I literally have a strange experience every time I ever set foot in a store, restaurant, or school; my husband thinks I’m weird/obsessive for caring, my mom claims I attract strange incidences (such as a cashier coming around the till, opening, and giving my toddler a package of Oreos I had just purchased, out of the blue… weird).  But my sister usually texts me about strange encounters weekly, so I know I’m not alone! What are your stories? Has anyone ever come pushed your cart? 🙂

No Quiero Crappy Auto

My husband will be 30 in a couple of months. He has had a “real” job with benefits for over 3 years. We have two children and have been driving junker cars for a looong time. So we decided it was time to purchase a nicer car. We live in the rocky mountains which means lots of snow, so we knew that we wanted 4 wheel drive (it snows off and on from October to April here), for those that have children you know that a row scarcely fits two carseats let alone another adult or carseat, so we knew we wanted a 3rd row. We researched what our needs were, and price ranges and decided what we wanted. So early in June when we were on our nightly walk, we walked by a dealership that had the exact car we wanted for the exact price! We felt so lucky that we had found what we wanted. We talked took it for a test drive, got the car facts, had my dad come look it over, and secured a loan for the remaining balance. We had a first real care! We had now entered the world of adulthood.

Then after taking my little brothers for a ride around the block the check engine light came on….. really. We took it to our trusted mechanic who told us that the water pump and some blahblahblah belt need replaced…  sad day! But what he told us killed me, he said that this was an old issue and that someone Had pushed the reset button on the check engine light in the past 48 hours, total pit in my stomach! We had been duped :C  The next day we returned to the me no likey auto place and told him we wanted to return the car, shocker he said no, he told us that by purchasing a used car we knew it would have problems. That guy is on my top ten dislike list. Our mechanic said that he would sign a form testifying that someone tampered with the car and misrepresented the condition of the car so we could take him to court, but that’s not us, so we paid the $8oo repairs and learned an expensive life lesson… take ANY car you want to buy to a TRUSTED mechanic first.

Sooooo fast forward to November, we are driving to a friend’s house and just turn to get on the freeway and my check gauge light turns on, I glance down and see that the car is overheating. So against my husband’s wishes (who said to just keep going) we pulled over, turned off the car, and popped the hood. We called a friend who came and helped us out. I took it in again the next day and lo and behold, the same problem! Luckily it was under warranty, but I think it’s safe to say we have a lemon, no quiero Crappy Auto, and adulthood is highly overrated. My three year old tells everyone that we see, “This is not our new car, our new car is nicer and is in the shop” Haha, I guess she is also embarrassed of my high school ride, a 1998 ford Taurus. My husband suggested we sell the car and swollow the extra money we’ll loose, but the sad thing is, I’m to prideful! I LIKE driving a newer car. I like when my friends tell me they like my new car smell, the seat arrangements, or the third row. So I guess this means we’ll keep her ’till our pockets run dry. Does anyone else out there have a junker they just can’t let go?


Grandma Mom

     Today is October 25 and it snowed…… like a lot!! When I woke up this morning at 7 am (ya, right!) I looked at my cell phone and discovered I had several new calls and texts. First text, “want 2 go sledding”, I am still drowsy, I must be sleeping. Second text “can’t believe how much snow you guys got there sis!” …aw, crap! I stumbled into the living room and opened the curtains to discover eight-ish inches of snow. I yelled to my toddler to come into the living room and look out the window. She ran in excitedly and then began to scream and cry “NO” !!! Amen sister! One of my friends called, giddy as a school girl,  Another almost crying. Then my mom called and asked if I still wanted to go out shopping. Heck no, I sooo don’t drive in the snow. Then I began to think to myself, you are 25! Get a grip, you’re not 80 with cataracts the size of Texas, you can drive in the snow. I grew up out in the country, and I used to drive in to town during a blizzard at 11 o’clock at night just to get a side of fries! What has happened to me:( But, I will not budge, this 25 year old does not drive in the snow,  eat after 4 (just kidding ), go skiing, jump off a diving board, or watch scary movies. What don’t you do anymore that is maybe a little premature?


Because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice……

At our house every week we seem to have an ongoing theme. This week it is, Because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice. We are really into “Man vs Wild” right now. In case you haven’t watched it, it is a survival show where hot.. I mean capable Bear Grylls fights the wild as he is dropped off in a  remote harsh area such as the amazon and has to get out alive.(check out him killing a rattlesnake in the link bellow) We were all gathered around watching Bear eat a snake, run from a Gator, and row across a raging river when we reminded little F that we always go in the water with mommy or daddy and wear a life jacket. A few minutes later I asked her who do we go in the water with and what do we wear? I go with my mommy and underwear because Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice…. Um hon, that doesn’t answer my question. Repeat, Jesus doesn’t want us to hit out friends… ok, check she gets it. Note to self, we are never going swimming.

As our week progressed our theme became even more prevalent. As we stood in a never ending-only two cashier’s open- germ infested- college student plagued line at our local Wally Word , the cashier began to make a conversation with the two college aged Colorado city escapees (not really, but you get the picture) in front of us. Now first of all I have had some weird cahiers before. One cashier opened a package of Oreos I was buying and handed it to my daughter!!!…. weird. But this guy was not sending any creeper messages, he asked the girls if they were having a girlS night in because they were purchasing a bottle of sparkling cider, a pillow, and a chick flick. The girl promptly yelled that the cashier and told him it was none of his business and to hurry up. She was flat out rude, soooo what does little F do? She pipes in, Jesus loves us and wants us to be nice! The people in line behind me started laughing and the girls faces turned red as they glared and left. Thank you dear daughter for reminding us.



I have begun to feel proud of my little darling daughter and her sweet love and innocence. So when she began to fight with her little sister this morning over a piece of chocolate (that’s how we roll here) I asked her what she learned this week and reminded her that “Jesus loves us and wants us to??””  ….. Keep chocolate from our baby sisters so they don’t eat food that is bad for them, she says as she stuffs her mouth with the piece of chocolate. Lesson learned in our house this week! Just remember, Jesus loves you and wants you to be nice  🙂


Not Your Mothers Blog

I have been wanting to get into blogging for a long time. First I did a family blog, but after a few months I got behind and frankly a little bored. Not wanting to catch up or start over I decided to go in a new direction! Should I start a crafting blog??…. Unless people want tutorials on how to hot glue scout patches on, or staple your hem on your pants…. then no. Should I begin a cooking blog!? This already overweight chocolate loving, butter craving, all cheese consuming, bread hoarding, girl probably shouldn’t gain 50 lbs. This isn’t a personal blog, it’s hopefully a funny/interesting blurb in your life. I don’t have the best grammar  punctuation, or English in the world, so if that kind of thing gets under your skin, stop reading! I am not the best wife (ask my husband), mother (please don’t ask my kids), friend, or person so unless I am cleaning the bathroom with the door shut using ammonia and bleach (call 911), but please keep any rude or judgmental comments to yourself:). Not everything I write (but almost) is huge or life changing, so please read on, tell your friends, grab a kit kat at 2 am and welcome to the life of The Frazzled Frizz.